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Level: Secondary(6-12)
Format: Digital

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Create effective, standards-aligned digital curriculum and tools to help English learners improve language proficiency, gain self-confidence and reach their full academic potential.


Create effective, standards-aligned digital curriculum and tools to help English learners improve language proficiency, gain self-confidence and reach their full academic potential.

Key Stakeholders:

Ana Leung, Jennifer Cramer, Amadeus Swiderski, David Noyes

Key Developers:

David Noyes, who is our Head of Curriculum, is a National Board-certified ELD educator with over 28 years of classroom experience. David currently serves as the ELL Support Coach for all K-12 in Long Beach Unified School District (California). He is an award-winning curriculum writer who has written for McGraw-Hill and is a frequent presenter at the TESOL, NABE and CABE conferences.

Teresa Suzuki is a highly-experienced ELD educator, coach and trainer. She has trained and supported K-12 teachers for over 25 years in the areas of English Language Arts, ELD standards and ELD programs.

MiaAriela Allen is a thought-partner with school districts throughout the United States to develop language-rich learning environments that support cross-curricular English Language Development. Mia has a Masters in Elementary Education with a focus on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students.

Content Information

Target Grade Level 6-12
Target Audience:

Secondary grade English learners who are at the Beginner or Intermediate proficiency level.

Overview of Basic Information

Language Tree Online is cloud-based, so there’s no software for teachers or students to download. However, users will need to be rostered in the program and grouped in the appropriate class. Teachers can self-add students to the class roster or we can roster automatically if the school/district has ClassLink or Clever. To access the program, students and teachers can login with provided credentials or go through the district’s ClassLink or Clever portal. We recommend that educators read the “Getting Started” Guide and attend the live 1-hour onboarding session. In this training, we will review the program components, go over the platform’s user interface and recommend best-practices on how to use it in the context of your class.

Pricing Overview

Program is purchased on a per-user annual subscription basis. Pricing is based on the number of users (volume discount tiers apply). You can request a quote by emailing Language Tree.

[email protected]

Product Overview

Language Domains Supported

The program addresses all four domains of language with lesson modules covering the areas of:

The ELD 1 and ELD 2 programs feature video input with a virtual instructor who explains and demonstrates concepts with the support of computer-generated visual images/diagrams, text, animation. Video vignettes of peer-to-peer interaction also lets students see and hear language used in a variety of contexts.

Following the instructional videos are online exercises that provide opportunities for students to read and listen to academic and popular text.

We also included speaking exercises, which asks students to record and play back their responses.

In addition to the online lessons modules, there are downloadable instructional routines and practice assignments. These provide students with the opportunity to listen, speak, collaborate with peers and write or type words, full sentences and paragraphs.

Components of the Program

ELD Level 1 is designed for learners at the first level of English language development (Entering, Emerging or Beginning level). These students would generally be newcomers or early intermediate-level learners with 1-2 years of study in an ELD/ESOL program. This program includes:

ELD Level 2 is for intermediate level English learners and Long Term English Learners. These students would generally fall into the Developing, Expanding or Intermediate proficiency level. This program includes: